Velvet Films



DIRECTED by Bruce McDonald

World Premiere at Fantasia international Film Festival - 2019
feature - completed - 2019
Film noir, 90 min
With : Stephen McHattie, Juliette Lewis, Henry Rollins, Lisa Houle, Themis Pauwels,Tomas Lemarquis

During the night of the strangest wedding in the history of cinema, a grotesque gang leader charges a killer with a heart of stone to bring him the finger of an ancient jazz legend turned heroin addict.

Cast, crew & partners

Director Bruce McDonald

Author Tony Burges, Patrick Whistler

Cinematographer Richard Van Oosterhout

Production designers Eugénie Collet and Florence Vercheval

Editor Duff Smith

Sound editors François Dumont et Nicolas Tran Trong

Re-recording mixer Loïc Collignon

Producer Goodbye Productions (CA)

Coproducer Calach Films (LU)

Coproduction partner BNP Paribas Fortis Film Finance

Coproduction partner Wallimage

Coproduction partner BeTV / Voo

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Fantasia international Film Festival - 2019 - Canada
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