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Me and Kaminski

DIRECTED by Wolfgang Becker

5 Awards - Deutscher Filmpreis 2016
Me and Kaminski
feature - completed - 2015
Drama, 124 min
With : Daniel Brühl, Jesper Christensen, Amira Casar, Denis Lavant, Geraldine Chaplin

Sebastian Zöllner (Daniel Brühl), art journalist and master of overconfidence, plans his big coup: a tell-all book about the legendary, but almost forgotten painter Manuel Kaminski (Jesper Christensen), a pupil of Matisse and friend of Picasso who once became famous as "the blind painter." Zöllner, an unscrupulous and ambitious careerist, makes his way to the remote chalet high in the Alps where the aged artist lives withdrawn and shielded by confidants.

Sebastian intrudes into Kaminski's home, life and past, unceremoniously taking him on a breakneck and insane journey to his childhood sweetheart, who has long been considered dead. On the way, he tries to elicit Kaminski's secrets with cunning and audacity. But Sebastian soon discovers that, whether blind or not, he's in no way the old man's equal.

Cast, crew & partners

Director Wolfgang Becker

Author (novel) Thomas Wendrich

Co-writer Wolfgang Becker

Key cast Daniel Brühl

Key cast Jesper Christensen

Key cast Amira Casar

Key cast Denis Lavant

Key cast Geraldine Chaplin

Director of photography Jürgen Jürges

Production designer Carola Gauster

Costume designer Nicole Fischnaller

Editor Peter R. Adam

Sound editor Sylvain Remy

Composer Lorenz Dangel

Producer X Filme Creative Pool

Distributor X Verleih

Distributor Warner Home Video

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2016, nominated Best German Actor
2016, Best Cinematography
2016, Best Film Score
2016, Best Production Design
2016, Best Editing
2016, Best Makeup
Me and Kaminski Me and Kaminski Me and Kaminski Me and Kaminski Me and Kaminski Me and Kaminski Me and Kaminski