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The Window

DIRECTED by Adrian Shergold, Claudia Garde, Pieter Van Hees

The Window
TV - completed - 2021
Drama Thriller, 10 x 45 min
With : Tommy Bastow, Samuel Jordan Brown, Mel Raido, Lynn Van Royen, Christina Cole, Yoo Teo, Yuriri Naka, Jodie Tyack, Carole Weyers

The series begins at the end of the English Premier League season. The champions have been crowned. The relegated teams drop down a division. And of course the transfer window opens...

Across ten episodes THE WINDOW charts ten tense weeks in the life of JORDAN BURDETT, a 17 year old Wunderkind with a golden touch who has gate-crashed Merseyside Athletic FCs first team.

Wrestling for control of Jordans destiny is his big brother KIERAN BURDETT and ROMULUS DIRGIS- A waning big-time agent working for global sports agency Sceptre Management.

Centred on a group of players, agents, club owners, board members, administrators and journalists (as well as their families and friends), the series goes beyond winning and losing games to explore the full, dark circus of this multi-billion dollar business.

Cast, crew & partners

Director Adrian Shergold, Claudia Garde, Pieter Van Hees

Authors James Payne, Chris Gill, Mark Greig

Director of Photography Richard van Oosterhout

Production designer Hendrik Van Kets

Costumes designers Tine Deseure, Sophie Van den Keybus

Sound Johan Maertens, Pedro Van der Eecken

Editors Tony Cranstoun, Koen Timmerman, Ewin Ryckaert

Composer Eloi Ragot

Producer Boogie Entertainment (DE)

Coproducers ZDF Enterprise, Fuji TV

Coproduction partner BNP Paribas Fortis Film Finance

Coproduction partner Screen Flanders

Coproduction partner Screen Brussels

Coproduction partner Antwerp Film Bonus

Coproduction partner DPG Media

Coproduction partner SABAM

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