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the use of the past participle

DIRECTED by Katia Kissina

the use of the past participle
short - completed - 2022
Poetic satire, 22 min
With : Christelle Cornil, Nicolas Ossowski, Eric Breton Leveel

Mrs D., an exhausted French teacher, struggles to manage her daily routine : some students are lagging behind, the programme pushes her to move faster, outside the school the world is ruthless and there are even some who judge her work harshly. Her fatigue grows, but Mrs. D. doesn't want to deviate from her mission for anything in the world. Caught between dream and reality, she will not rest until all her students, without exception, have understood the use of the past participle.

Cast, crew & partners

Author Katia Kissina

Director Katia Kissina

Director of photography Félix Moy

Production designer Florin Dima

Costumes designer Bleuenn Brosolo

Sound recordist Pierre-Nicolas Blandin

Editor Marianna Romano

Sound editor Pierre-Nicolas Blandin

Mixer David Gérain

Compositeur Victor Kissine

With the support of Centre du Cinéma et de l'Audiovisuel de la Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles

Coproduction partner Shelter Prod

Sales and distribution Agence belge du court-métrage

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Bratislava International Film Festival - 2022 (Slovakia)
Pune Short Film Festival - 2022 (India)
Festival du Film Court de Saint Pierre - 2022 (La Réunion - France)
Sguardi Altrove Film Festival - 2023 (Italy)
Short Film Festival Bertrix - 2023 (Belgium)
Adria Shorts - 2023 (Croatia)
WICA New York - 2023 (USA)
Madrid Indie Film Festival - Nominated as Best Actress - Christelle Cornil - 2023 (Spain)
Helios Sun Poetry Film Festival - 2023 - Mexico
the use of the past participle the use of the past participle the use of the past participle the use of the past participle the use of the past participle