Velvet Films



DIRECTED by Lola Roqueplo

Best Actor Award - Séries Mania - Carel Brown - 2023
TV - completed - 2023
Comedy, 10 x 26 min
With : Nicole Ferroni, Carel Brown, Mustaoha Abourachid, Suzanne De Baecque, Wassim Loqmane

Louison, 38, a recently separated single mother, discovers that she has Asperger's autism when her 11-year-old son Guilhem is diagnosed as having injured a classmate on the first day of school. No sooner does she feel liberated by this revelation than a social enquiry begins to find out if she should retain custody of her child. Louison will have to learn to accept herself while pretending to be as "normal" as possible. But how can she fit into a mould that she doesn't understand?

Cast, crew & partners

Script Judith Godinot et Hadrien Cousin

Director Lola Roqueplo

Image Till Lepretre

Set Designer Amande Remusat

Costumes Emily Beer

Sound David Ferral

Image editing Marylou Vergez et Guillaume Lauras

Best Actor Award Carel Brown - Séries Mania - 2023