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Liliane Susewind

DIRECTED by Joachim Masannek

Theatrical release in Germany : 10 May. 2018
Liliane Susewind
long - completed - 2018
Family Entertainment, 90 min
With :

Liliane "Lilli" Susewind can talk to animals! But except her parents nobody knows - this special talent of hers has caused enough trouble in the past.

When she meets the cool and mysterious Jess, she slowly starts to trust him. Together with him and their new friends from the zoo study group, she initiates a search for baby elephant Ronni who has been kidnapped by a mean animal thief. Now, Lilli's ability to communicate with animals is their only hope!

Cast, crew & partners

Director Joachim Masannek

Author Matthias Dinter

Author Beate Fraunholz

Author Betty Platz

Key cast Malu Leicher

Key cast Aaron Kissiov

Key cast Peri Baumeister

Key cast Tom Beck

Key cast Meret Becker

Key cast Christoph Maria Herbst

Producer Dreamtool Entertainment

Distributor Sony Pictures

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Liliane Susewind Liliane Susewind Liliane Susewind Liliane Susewind Liliane Susewind